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Four Questions

A quartet of queries for your consideration:

  1. What do you think Dr. Du Bois’ reactions would be to our transition from an industrial to a post-industrial, networked knowledge society? How has the introduction of new social media and other communication technologies affected the African American community?
  2. What impact is this transition having on the internal conversations within African American communities? Have they contributed to, or detracted from, a vibrant ‘black public sphere’?
  3. What have been their impacts on African American engagement with other communities – other communities of color, and with the larger national society?
  4. Finally, to what extent are the trends we are seeing within the black community simply the local manifestation of changes occurring the world over? What, if anything, is unique to the changes in the African American community?

As they arrive and are posted, view selected Text Responses from friends and colleagues to one or more of these questions.